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  • By zourcing
  • On March 15, 2019

In this post, Zourcing wants to share the testimony of Gisela Ángeles, one of our pioneers in the new generation of recruiters implementing Artificial Intelligence in their sourcing processes:

Hello! My name is Gisela Ángeles, I graduated from UNITEC Campus Sur. I have 10 years of experience recruiting IT profiles in different industries and cities in the Country, that’s why I know it is increasingly difficult to find candidates that not only cover the technical profile, but who want to change jobs or relocate. We can also add to the list, the competition with colleagues seeking the same profile and at the same time.

Traditional job boards usually show profiles that we have already contacted, or non-updated information; some candidates do not review their mail or social networks, or some sources do not give reliable information.

That’s why, to have a new tool that not only shows us the profile of a viable candidate but also different ways to contact them is a great help for our recruitment process.

In ScreenIT we use Zourcing, a platform that collects information from different media, which through a mathematical algorithm searches, filters and displays the requested profile. Apart from locating the candidates that had not been previously visualized (and those who not all the recruiters of the country have access to), the platform facilitates to contact them, as well as a their LinkedIn profile, email, cell phone number and Skype.

So, I do my job faster, because it is just matter of 1 or 2 hours where you can contact several viable candidates, and start an immediate conversation with them, because I can add them to Skype or Twitter and even contact them by mail or phone, since there is always at least one available way of contact.

In addition, it gives me the opportunity to publish my vacancies; this helps me to get recommendations from friends of the candidates already contacted and thus to fill another vacancy or generate a portfolio.

If you want to see how Zourcing works, see my video here.


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