The path to effective recruitment

  • By Eduardo Campos
  • On March 15, 2019

A few days ago I was invited by the AMPI Monterrey to an event where I had the pleasure and privilege to participate in a Panel to talk about practical cases for Artificial Intelligence application in business processes.

During the forum with an excellent participation of computing professionals from Monterrey, we agreed on a common and current problem for the IT recruitment industry: to capture the right talent given the existent growing demand, not only in the domestic market, but also in the international one that today more than ever, turns to our country to attract national talent that has the quality level to participate and compete with any other country in the world.

We landed it even more and found some interesting data when reviewing the entire recruitment process, starting with sub-processes such as:

  1. Sourcing: Translated as the proactive search of qualified candidates for current or future vacancies; the objective of Sourcing is to collect as much of candidate’s relevant information, such as their name, current position, phone number, email address, professional experience, languages their master, among others.
  2. Contact the candidate to validate interest and review CV.
  3. Deep interview with the recruitment team to confirm and validate candidate’s experience,
  4. Technical interview
  5. On-boarding (which itself is a process of hiring the accepted candidate)

In general, and subject to adding or eliminating some steps, we could summarize a recruitment process in the previous 5 steps.

If we took these 5 steps as the 100% we could think that each one could take more or less 20% of the time invested, is this correct? INCORRECT! Talking to different groups of recruiters, some in the corporate sphere, others in agencies and some others more as freelancers, we all agreed that the step in which a recruiter invests an average of 60% or more of their time is in the Sourcing stage! On the other hand, it is where less value is given to the process, but it is necessary in order to gather the necessary information to contact a candidate as soon as possible and thus continue (or rather initiate) recruitment formally.

Later, I’ll be sharing how Artificial Intelligence participates in the solution of finding IT talent in Mexico immediately.


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