Zourcing signs agreement with IJALTI

  • By zourcing
  • On March 19, 2019

Today, October 30th, an agreement between Zourcing and the companies of the technology cluster in the state of Jalisco, IJALTI, was signed. This alliance was formalized with the main objective of improving the supply of IT talent for companies inside the cluster.

To talk a little more about the benefits of this alliance, we asked Juan Pablo López Ortuño, Project Manager of IJALTI, to answer 3 questions. This is what he shared with us:

Juan Pablo López Ortuño, Project Manager at IJALTI

What benefits do you see this new alliance between Zourcing and the companies inside the cluster?

In its position as Cluster Manager,  IJALTI aims to develop the capabilities of companies that are part of the Information Technologies of Jalisco Cluster (IT).

The Institute has adopted a model of Cluster development platform, proposed by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), which will allow it to achieve this objective.

The Cluster strategy includes a total of 8 platforms that not only address issues relevant to the Cluster but have a scope that is defined in conjunction with the companies that are part of that ecosystem.

Within these platforms, the topic of Talent is included, that’s why IJALTI has created, in conjunction with the industry, a strategy to address this complex issue, that is, IT Talent. That said, IT Talent includes 5 main lines of action, which are mentioned below:

  1. Talent Attraction
  2. Skill development
  3. Promotion of the IT ecosystem of Guadalajara
  5. Good HR practices


In this sense, the alliance with Zourcing, strengthens the fourth line of action, since it is a platform that will link the supply with the growing demand that exists on Jalisco IT Cluster companies.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this alliance will be the first major project that will support the fourth line of action of the IT Talent strategy.

Therefore, we hope that the benefit will be relevant for the Cluster, since it will allow local IT companies to access available talent that can add value to their companies and, consequently, allow them to continue growing with new projects.

What advantages do you see in the implementation of artificial intelligence in the recruitment sector?

According to the annual IT Talent 2018 study, 64% of the human capital employed by an IT company in Jalisco is integrated by tech profiles. Hand in hand with this data, we have that 85% of tech profiles hired in this sector are directly linked to the company, that means that outsourcing is not the first of the hiring options.

The above not only reflects the relevance that these talents have within the Cluster companies, but also the importance for companies to identify and ensure that they have the right talent within their teams, which allows them to continue creating value.

Similarly, another of the conclusions that we could reach, refers to the importance and responsibility that falls on the Human Resources area of IT companies, to obtain the services of the right talent.

In that sense, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in this area is not only beneficial but necessary. That said, the advantage is to be able to equip such a relevant department within an IT company, with one of the most disruptive technologies that will allow them, not only to increase the number of hired talents, but also, to identify the profiles that they really need and, consequently, that are the ones who will strengthen the capacities in their companies.

How do solutions like Zourcing drive Mexico as a technology pioneer?

The concept of “Competitiveness” can be defined as the ability to attract and retain both investment and talent.

In that sense, an ecosystem of technology that works and promotes the use of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, is highly attractive not only for international companies, but also for most competent talent.

This two factors not only transform the ecosystem, but make it highly competitive.

Thank you very much for your contribution Juan Pablo, in terms of us as Zourcing, to make an alliance with one of the Clusters with greater relevance at a national level such as IJALTI, as well of the great impulse that together with the Government of Jalisco are taking to generate a great ecosystem of IT entrepreneurs, we are pleased and committed to provide these magnitude solutions.

Zourcing will bring productivity to these companies by making the process of finding suitable candidates for their vacancies much quicker and more efficient through automatic mechanisms to connect with different sources such as social networks, talent pools, specialized forums (Github, Stack Overflow), etc. and make the way a candidate is contacted really effective.

With more than 75 thousand candidates and their national contact information included in Zourcing, IJALTI companies will be able to quickly access potential professionals who may be interested in a new professional challenge.

If you want more information about Zourcing, and its benefits, click here.



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