The woman power is a reality: In Mexico we have some strong super women in key roles with international or national companies. Some of them, at the same time have beautiful children, successful teenagers at school or even young adults with promising start ups.

Then there is you. You are a recruiter, and if you are as crazy as me you are an IT recruiter which is one of the most difficult recruitments you can do.  You do a lot of calls, you post your jobs and get two lawyers, one dentist, and one fresher for a senior developer position. When you finally cover one position, no one celebrates but when you cannot cover those impossible openings then it is your fault the company is in finance troubles, even maybe it is your fault that the polar bears are suffering.

But still, we LOVE our job, is so full of energy, of a fast dynamic, you don’t have time to get bored, and you have to be the best version of yourself, you have to smile and be kind to your candidates even if you just came from a terrible meeting, and lots of crazy stuff because at the end of your day, you are an IT recruiter: you are in a special place in the market.  You know about technology, and with your job you are adding an amazing value to the world.

That guy who developed an app that allows new moms how to stimulate the mind of their kids, the team who developed the app that helps a busy dad to have a great quality of videoconference with his son while he is traveling, that girl who created the app that allows someone to organize their job better and be able to go home early and enjoy life, you hired them. You are amazing, and if no one have ever told you that your job is cool, and you rock, let me tell you, YOU DO!

Oh well, but now, you decided to become a mother…. Welcome to the craziest job without payment EVER! And still, welcome to the loveliest phase of your life. Being a mother may not be the only way a woman can feel complete in the world, but for those who are, believe me that no matter how much we complain about being tired all the time, we can’t love someone as much as our little human. The best project in the world.

You might be wondering, if you already are in the borderline of going crazy for being a recruiter, how can you help your self from becoming a mindless monkey now that you have a baby? As a mother of a beautiful girl, I would like to share with you some tips.

  1. Ask for help: no, you won’t be able to do-it-all.

You might fear raising your hand and ask for help at work because you might lose it for not being able to fill the expectations. First, what expectations? Do you have clarity on your KPIs? What’s expected from you? If not, ask, and if you are and need a rearrange, ask for it. It is better to have a good deliver than nothing at all because you said you could do more than what you can. Also, don’t forget your network! And no, I’m not talking about Linked In. Your network is your partner (if you have one), your friends, your family, your nanny or the nursery care you have your kid at, your kid’s doctor, your doctor, and a lot more. You might feel lonely, but the reality is I’m pretty sure you have at least a couple of people you can count on helping you with your work, with your kid or other errands.

  1. Outsource… you know what that means, now use it.

You need to have a clear scenario about your finances, your incomes and outcomes, your time and of course your baby. If you don’t then what are you waiting for!? Do it! Now, outsource, be rational and realistic. Maybe you want to keep your house clean all the time, but you barely have the time to brush your teeth.  Hire someone to help you clean one day of the week, gather the phones of delivery services in your area like drugstore, butcher, chicken, fruit guy, and even a couple of restaurants (fondas) who deliver food for you when you don’t have the time. You might be educated as a do it your self-girl, but a little help to free space for you to do what is actually needed like bathing your kid, being able to stay 30 minutes more for an important status meeting, etc. will do magic for you. Whatever you can take off your plate, for smaller it seems, will help you to have more time for you to focus on those stuff you cannot outsource at all.

  1. Don’t be so hard on you. You are already rocking!

Sometimes we want to be perfect, like, closing all your open positions, being nice dressed, have the perfect make up, the perfect outfit and hair style, your house all clean, an educated and well behaved kid, a partner proud of us, an amazing sex life, good money in the bank, time to read that book that you love or to watch that new show announced on your streaming service. But you can only be as human as you can be, you need to have your feet on the ground and understand that what you are doing, is not easy at all. Working and being a mom at the same time has a lot of perks but also a lot of guilty situations. You wish you had more money to spend more time with your kid but also to become the HR director and take a vacation at the beach while you work a couple of hours per week. But the reality is, you are already doing an amazing job by waking up every day and be willing to try to do it better today.


You might feel frustrated sometimes, but you are an IT recruiter so, you also know the amazing feeling when you succeed with a difficult placement. So being a mom is like that, you might feel you are not doing enough, and not being enough, but you are brave, and you need to take care of your career and your little human. Just organize and cry if you need to do it, because I can promise you that you will laugh and cry of happiness when you see your little human smiling at you and hugging you. Happy Mother’s Day!

About the author

Psychologist with a master’s in human resources, specializing in the operations and management of different aspects of the HR area, the recruitment strategies and operations for IT and telecommunication professionals being her strongest suit. She has 16 years of experience in the IT industry, working in companies with operations in Mexico, Argentina, Canada and the U.S. for multinational companies. Karla has also coached and trained people in career growth for senior management positions, gave training for women’s empowerment to younger professionals who seek and deserve a spot in the industry. Being from Mexico, Karla has also written different IT articles in Mexico (Develop magazine) and Soy199 dedicated to young talent in Mexico.


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