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Motivation in recruitment- 5 tips to stay motivated

  • By zourcing
  • On August 21, 2019

As a recruiter, you basically work in a sales profession. That means that your days often have moments of rejection and disappointment.

Sometimes staying motivated can be a challenge, especially on the days when you get many “no”s.  But, it is important to realize that each “no” is only one step closer to your next “yes.” In fact, if you’re not listening to the word “no” consistently, you’re not talking to enough new people every day.

That is why I leave you these tips that personally serve me a lot to keep me motivated all week of work. Enjoy them!


  1. Always keep a positive attitude.

Much of what has helped me is my attitude, I believe that as long as I maintain a friendly, respectful and somewhat clear attitude, it helps the candidates to be a little less closed and open to the opportunity to listen to me.

  1. Take your breaks.

Another tip is to take your meal time, because if not your mind and body will not be at your best performance. Go out if possible to buy something, or just to walk or breathe, to continue recruiting with a clear mind.

  1. Find a group to share experiences.

Stay in exchange in good atmosphere groups groups so at the same time you do your job you know people / friends who can contribute and collaborate with you. These groups make you relax a bit of the work stress, and it never hurts to share your day-to-day experiences, vacancies or just the joke of the day.

  1. Organize your day

Take 10 minutes starting the day to organize slopes, covered vacancies, vacancies to work and other issues that you have to resolve during the day. It keeps me motivated to know that the candidates I send are advancing in their processes, that I can improve the quality of life for someone by changing their job, whether through salary or benefits.

  1. Always give your best face

It has helped me to be helpful and give my best face to all my candidates, good or bad, they leave me with new experiences, and smile behind the phone, the person on the other side detects your joy or bad mood.


The implementation of any of these tips can help you stay motivated every day. And that momentum is absolutely essential for your success.


Mary Cornejo

Specialized IT recruiter. She currently works at ScreenIT.


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