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How to attract, retain and train the best work teams?

  • By Esmeralda Alvarez
  • On September 30, 2019

“Strengths are in our differences, not in our similarities”

-Stephen Covey


Work Psychology plays an important role in organizations today, as recent studies show that university degrees or master’s degrees already become irrelevant for companies. In addition, of course having a negative economic impact, especially in the recruitment and training people programs.

Identifying and knowing the people with whom we are about to work is a delicate task, since in addition to complying with skills, knowledge and experience, we must observe that their behavior is aligned to the fulfillment of company objectives.

Personnel selection is one of the most important processes for the inclusion of new talent. Years ago, slow and bureaucratic procedures were carried out, but thanks to technological advances, the management of personnel selection processes has been streamlined.

The consolidation in the market of professional social networks such as LinkedIn and the growing need of companies to have a good reputation in the digital world have changed the way they seek and attract new talent.

Now, the company is understood as an organization that, in addition to generating profits, must show society why it is a good place to work. Hence the existence of companies such as Great Place to Work, which even spread a ranking of the best companies to work for.

Making a good selection of personnel is not an easy task, since it involves the set of several correct decisions, so it is convenient to carry out a good selection process using the appropriate resources, technology and methodologies.


About the Author

Esmeralda Álvarez is a Work Psychologist graduated from the Autonomous University of Querétaro. She has implemented organizational strategies with companies such as Kellogg’s, Metecno, BRP, VRK, Gas Express Nieto, Ollin VFX, Super Shoes, LTH, among others. She specialized in recruitment and selection processes, prevention and resolution of labor conflicts, development of organizational culture and internal communication strategies.

Esme is co-founder and Director of Administration at Smart Deets, a company dedicated to the analysis of information through the use of technologies such as AI and Big Data.


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