In 2017 Alistair Cox, Chief Executive of Hays, shared on LinkedIn a publication predicting that by 2020 companies around the world will spend $ 47 billion combined in artificial intelligence (AI).

Three years after that publication and having 2020 just around the corner, many aspects of our lives have been transformed into useful resources to provide data and allow machines to deliver personalized services from them; from shopping and leisure to work and personal finances. That, in two words, is, Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence + Recruitment

The job of a recruiter comes to mind when I think of a specific item where a large amount of data that can be exploited is handled. In what ways could staff recruitment benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

There are areas of hiring that take a long time, such as the collection of contact information and CV analysis. By implementing AI, we could free up a lot of time to take advantage of human talent in more personalized services that bring more value to processes, such as interviews. On the other hand, we can take advantage of an algorithm to obtain profiles much more similar to our searches.


Data Enrichment

After careers that add up to several years of experience, many recruiters have accumulated hundreds of resumes, contact information, candidate experience information, etc. Many times all this information is wasted because it does not have an intelligent storage medium that allows them to access it in an agile way or even update and / or complement said information. Processes such as Data Enrichment could be of great benefit to human resources professionals, since their information, which has cost them years of work, could finally be updated practically alone!

As a recruiter, you have surely heard and even practiced the famous process of “sharing portfolio of candidates” imagine that through AI you can have a platform that allows you to do that process automatically and also benefit economically and with other portfolios from your colleagues: this can be a reality thanks to the Crowdsourcing model, this is “crowd + supply” that, again, will be a reality thanks to the algorithms that will be responsible for interpreting this information and exposing it in a weighted way to all those who request it .

Although some might be alarmed, the idea of ​​implementing AI in working life does not focus on replacing humans with robots, but rather on supporting us and speeding up the processes, AI has come to stay and will undoubtedly have a great impact on our life.

What do you think of the use of in recruitment? Do you think it is a tool that will make recruitment processes more efficient? Would you be willing to try it?

If you have comments on the subject I would love to exchange ideas, you can write me here.

About the Author

Results-oriented, creative and enthusiastic, Jessica Aguado is a graduate of the Bachelor of Business and International Commerce of the Autonomous University of Querétaro and is currently Director of Product Development at Zourcing. After a summer of work in the Silicon Valley area, a great interest in entrepreneurship and technology-focused projects was born.


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