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Tips to start 2020 recruiting with all the attitude.

  • By Fransueli Varela
  • On January 14, 2020

The holidays are the most desired time of the year to recharge energy and to be able to live with the family, attend parties during the week, eat things outside the daily diet and enjoy free time; but the work come back can be a challenge after so much fun and excess.

Routine helps us organize us and generate a specific lifestyle, the time we wake up, meal times, work practices … however, during the holidays our habits change completely and recruitment can be very stressful, as much or more than before we went to rest.

There are some simple things that can help us integrate into the routine without so much drama and stress.

1) Patience

It is important that you have in mind that it is likely that you will need some days to adapt again to the pace of work, be patient with yourself. Remember that candidates are also on vacation, so it can be more difficult to contact them and it is difficult to deliver results. Be patient.

2) Planning and organization

Take a few minutes at the end of the day to plan your activities the next day. Remember that sometimes not everything goes as planned, but prioritizing activities can also be very useful to not be disoriented during the day and to focus our recruitment efforts more efficiently.

3) Meal Plan

A good diet can help us have more energy, think better and have less laziness when resuming the routine.

4) Exercise

Something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help us activate our body. If you used to go to the gym or walk, it’s a good time to start again. You can start with lighter exercises or a shorter distance and increase the intensity until you get to your usual routine. 30 minutes of exercise a day can make you feel better and have more energy during the workday.

5) Focus on the positive aspects

Starting the day with optimism and joy is a good way to have a good day. If possible, take a few minutes every so often to stretch, get up from your seat or breathe properly, meditating a little can help you feel good about yourself and achieve better results.

6) Imagine what you would like to do this year.

Imagine a project that excites you, it can be very positive because it increases our motivation and willingness to keep us constant in achieving objectives.


Remember that having a routine, discipline and illusions that project us into the future, both personally and professionally, are very important to feel motivated. It is also essential to divide the objectives into small, short-term and attainable goals so that you can achieve them little by little and without much stress. But the most important thing to achieve the goals …

It is to enjoy the tour! The best things in life are the little things.

About the author

Fransueli Varela has a degree in Business Administration and has been attracting talent for more than 13 years, has solid experience in information technology and has worked in transnational companies such as Softtek or Indra. He is currently part of the Talent Acquisition Team of ScreenIT. She is passionate about ballroom dancing, cinema, swimming and good meat and wine.



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